Тест present simple и present continuous

Тест present simple и present continuous


Тест на применение форм настоящего времени present simple и present continuous в английском языке. Где present simple указывает на то, что делаем обычно. Present continuous описывает действия, происходящие в настоящий момент и еще не законченные. Present simple - we talk about thing in general. Present continuous - the action is not finished, things happening in a period around now

Вопрос 1 из 20:

The economic situation is already bad and it ____ worse

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Список вопросов

The economic situation is already bad and it ____ worse

  • get

  • gets

  • 's getting

We usually ___ vegetables in our garden but this year we ___

  • grow / grow

  • growing / aren't growing

  • grow / aren't growing

  • grow / don't grow

Normally I ___ work at 6.00. But this week I ___ until 7.00 to earn a bit more money

  • finish / work

  • 'm finishing / 'm working

  • finish / 'm working

  • 'm finishing / work

I've lost my key again. I ___ things

  • always loose

  • 'm always loosing

  • always loosing

An interpreter ____ from one language to another

  • translate

  • translates

  • is translating

Some friends of mine ___ their own house. They it will be finished next summer

  • build

  • are building

  • builds

The population of the world ___ very fast

  • is rising

  • rise

  • rises

The River Nile ___into the Mediterranean

  • flows

  • is flowing

  • flow

Don't put the dictionary away. I ___ it

  • use

  • 'm using

  • 'm being use

What sentence is Present continuous?

  • Listen to those people. What language are they speaking?

  • Excuse me, do you speak English?

Sonia ___ for a place to live. She ___ with her sister until she finds somewhere

  • looks / stays

  • 's looking / stays

  • 's looking / is staying

  • looks / is staying

'How is your job?' 'Not so good at the moment. I ___ it very much'

  • enjoy

  • not enjoying

  • 'm not enjoying

  • not enjoy

I ___ of selling my car. Would you be interested in buying it?

  • think

  • 'm thinking

  • 'm going to think

I ___ piano and I ___ it very well

  • play / 'm not playing

  • 'm playing / 'm not playing

  • play / don't play

An atheist ___in God

  • don't believe

  • doesn't believe

  • don't believes

You ___ a lot of noise. Could you be quieter? I ___ to concentrate

  • make / 'm trying

  • make / try

  • 're making / 'm trying

  • 're making / try

Normally you are very sensible, so why ___ so silly about this matter?

  • are you

  • are you being

  • do you

I ___ for what I said about you. It wasn't true and I shouldn't have said it

  • 'm apologising

  • apologise

  • 'm apologise

I used to drink a lot of coffee but these days I ___ tea

  • prefer

  • 'm preferring

  • 'm not preferring

You know that Ann's brother works. You want to know what he does. Choose the right question

  • What does your brother do?

  • What is your brother's job?

  • What is your brother do?